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January 3, 2011

What Is the Right Guitar Lessons for Dummies?

Many resources are available over the Internet that tackles important facts on guitar lessons for dummies. The sad thing is, almost all of these resources would all beat around the bush. To eradicate all the drama, this article will come straight to the point.

Basically, guitar tabs are just visual and tabular representation of the chords and the leads of a melody, piece of music, or song. It is a kind of notation employed by guitarists to comprehend the intricate sequence and progression of chords and notes in a song.

A guitar is an instrument just like others but among any other, this is the most well-liked. It is tagged as the numero uno in terms of popularity, the sound, and beauty. This is truly one of a kind which is also a reason why many people are thrilled to discover how to play the instrument as it consistently capture the interest of people; both the young and the old.

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People love to play a musical instrument and many of them share the ambition of being able to play the guitar as well. Hence, if you are among those individuals aiming for a chance to play your six-string friend, good guitar lessons for dummies are discussed below.

Before jumping to other lessons, beginners are advised to first and foremost understand how an acoustic guitar is use and later on, one can graduate to other kinds such as the bass and electric guitar. Basically, an acoustic guitar is made up of the following components:

  • Neck – This is the long part of the guitar by which on the end, would have six tuners like screws to help tighten and loosen up the strings. The neck also has the fret board wherein the frets are those horizontal metals strips that go along the length of the neck at basic intervals.
  • Sound Box – This refers to the part of the guitar where vibration of the sound waves is done to create a sound. It has been said that the bigger the sound box is, the better the quality of the sound is going to be.
  • Strings – The usual acoustic guitar would house six strings with various kinds and thickness. It will start with the thickest going to the thinnest kind. They are named E, B, G, D, A and E accordingly.

Other important guitar lessons for dummies would be learning how to properly hold the guitar. In case you are a right handed player, hold the instrument horizontally in such a way that the strings will face outwards. The left hand must be over the neck of the guitar while the right is over the sound box.

Furthermore, tuning the guitar the right way is needed as well. A guitar must always be tuned before you try to play it.  The best way to understand this lesson is to grab your own electronic guitar tuner. Don’t worry about the price because it is sold in a very cheap price. By means of faithfully following the instructions mentioned on the operation manual, you can tune the guitar the right way in just a blink of an eye.

Now that you know some of the basic guitar lessons for dummies, you are ready to try other higher kind of tutorials.

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Best Guitar Lessons Online Reviews – We Bought & Tried Them

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Learn and Master Guitar

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I highly recommend you considering Learn and Master Guitar as your first choice. It is has won 4 awards since its introduction. It is known to be the best guitar lessons found on the Internet. You will be learning the guitar with a famous guitarist, Steve Krenz, who has been working with the Grammy-winning artists and symphony orchestra for a certain time. The 20 step-by-step DVDs and 100+ Jam Tracks are the blueprint for you to become a professional guitar player. And you will be supported by not only the instructor but also more than 1,000 guitar learners at the Student Support and Community website. With Learn and Master Guitar, you will realize learning how to play the guitar, no matter the acoustic or electric one, is really a simple task.

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Jamorama is another high-quality guitar lesson online. You will be learning all basic and advanced guitar skills with 2 eBooks, containing 252 pages and 44 chapters, and 148 video and audio files. You will be also offered 4 bonuses (most online guitar programs only offer 2 bonuses) which will enhance your musical sense and make you become a professional guitarist fast. And advanced techniques, like how to play lead guitar, are also revealed. They are important to a guitar players but it is hard for you to find the answers except from Jamorama. Of course, a collection of exclusive Jam Tracks are also offered to make sure that your guitar learning is fun. For serious guitar learns, you may also consider Jamorama Deluxe Edition.

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Guitar SuperStars

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Guitar SuperStars provide you an easy-to-follow guide to become a great guitar player and get paid from playing guitar. You will acquire your guitar techniques from different professional guitar teachers with expertise in specific music styles, including rock, metal, acoustic, classical, jazz, funk, blues and bass. You are going to learn through popular songs like Canon in D. And most importantly you will discover everything from writing your first song to getting contracts from labels. If your goal is to make playing guitar your career, you should definitely go for Guitar SuperStar.

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November 17, 2009

Guitar Lessons for Dummies: Practical Tips to Learn Guitar Fast

Being able to play a guitar is an ambition that a lot of people share. One may find it easy to say “I want to enroll in a guitar class” but when the real process takes place, quitting seems like the best option to free oneself from the pressure.

Indeed, going for guitar lessons for dummies is something that takes a lot of patience and practice—which unfortunately are virtues that not all people hold. Learning how to play this instrument is not like strumming your hands on the string in any manner that you like because it is more than this; it requires big deal of discipline.

Fortunately, the online world caters different sites that may suggest how to learn this instrument in a nice and easy manner. So before you decide to grab some DVD guitar lessons for dummies, might as well gear yourself with the following information:

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  • Haste makes Waste – just because you have the cash to spare, it is not justifiable to rush out and grab an expensive guitar. If you are just starting, go for a reasonably priced model because learning is made easier if you don’t have to worry about the price of the instrument that you are practicing in. By the time you become adept, it is the right moment to invest in a more expensive model.
  • Gear yourself with Enthusiasm – this is a skill to acquire before you even start to learn about guitar lessons for dummies. You will have to understand the way you can rightly hold the instrument or even replace the strings and work with chords. It is needed that you practice on a regular basis because this will determine how soon you can pick up. The moment when you apprehend that you can already play a few chords, you can opt for the kind of music that you wish to play which will make practicing to be an enjoyable work.
  • Give Time for Practicing – there are a lot of options on how you will learn to play and your choice will vary on your time limits as well as work schedules. Give enough time for practicing, you can’t expect to learn the chords if you don’t even find time for practicing.

When you are ready to learn, the basic guitar lessons for dummies may focus around the basic chords. This is a lesson that you can practice on your own by means of playing your desired songs. When your finger starts to give life to the chord, be sure to press down hard on the strings or else the note will sound off. The fingers that you use to make the chords are regarded as your fret fingers. At first, you might find it very bothersome to strum your fingers deeply on the string but as time passed by, your fingertips will start to toughen up. To prevent boredom when practicing, opt for variety. If you are really serious in learning about guitar lessons for dummies then you can give an hour each day for practice.

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November 8, 2009

Easy Guitar Lessons for Dummies

The guitar is definitely a worthy instrument to play. It’s actually one of the easier ones out there. If you don’t believe that, then take a look at some of the other stringed instruments. The violin requires rosin, and it’s very hard to get it to make the right notes. With a guitar lessons for dummies it’s as easy as tuning it and learning to play.

The big question that many beginners have is whether they should learn the acoustic guitar or the electric guitar. There are several differences, and the first one we’re going to talk about is the electric guitar. Many people believe that the electric guitar is considerably easy to play. The action is lower, meaning the distance between the strings and frets, and this makes it quite a bit easier. You also do not have to put quite as much work into it, as the amplifier is responsible for relaying the sounds instead of the body of the guitar.

The acoustic guitar requires more finger strength, and producing the sound entails using heavier gauge strings. The action is higher, and it may end in blistered fingers if you’re not careful. In spite of this, many people will choose a guitar lessons for dummies on the acoustic guitar because it is cheaper to obtain one, and to many it is the more ‘traditional’ way of learning.

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A guitar lessons for dummies requires that you have a certain amount of equipment. For instance, you are going to need the guitar, but that should a given. Then you are going to need to have a good pick. If you are playing an electric guitar, you will need the amp. For either one of these you will need to keep a set of replacement strings on hand in the event some of them end up broken. Make sure your guitar has a good case, most people will opt for a hard case rather than a soft one.

When choosing your guitar, take a few things into account before you run out and just buy one. First of all, how large are you? No, you’re not supposed to take that personally. If you are a fully grown adult, then you can go for a full sized guitar. If you are smaller however, you’re going to want to get one that is proportionate to your own size. You’ll also want to make sure that you get one which adheres to your level of skill. There are three basic types of guitar out there, and they are beginner, intermediate, and expert. You will want to start out with a beginner guitar, and work your way up, Naturally the higher end guitars will sound better, but to start out and learn, you should go with a beginner model. Not only because you will spend less money, but also because you will know whether or not you really want to stick with the guitar.

A guitar lessons for dummies is going to be much easier than you think. You will need to sit down with it and try the cords out for yourself, and even get a feel for it. You might want to get a book and look at the different finger positions so you’ll understand exactly how it is to be played.

As for an actual guitar lessons for dummies players, there are a few different roads that you can take. You could go to an actual teacher, though that might not be the ideal way to go. Perhaps you cannot find the time to leave the house, or maybe you cannot afford a teacher. If that is the case, then you would want to take online courses. They will still cost a bit, but not quite as much as learning from a teacher, and you will be able to learn at your own pace, which makes it all the better.

A guitar lessons for dummies isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it’s nowhere near impossible. You CAN learn this, and with enough persistence, you certainly will. You’d be amazed what a person can achieve when they try!

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October 28, 2009

EasyGuitarLearn.com Home

Hi Guitar Lovers,

I am sure most of you are thinking of the following questions. How can I find an easy way to learn guitar? Where can I find easy guitar songs to learn?

Best Online Guitar Lessons Reviews

These questions have been asked for decades and you will have the answers in just a minute.

You may regard the traditional methods, either having guitar lessons at a music shop or finding a private guitar teacher, as the easiest and best way to learn guitar. However, there is a better way nowadays. That is to learn guitar online. You will agree with me after comparing the two.

Time & Flexibility

Traditional guitar learning methods may slow down your learning progress. The reason is that it is not easy for you to arrange the lessons by yourself. You usually have a schedule to follow, meaning that you could only have lessons on particular days. Even if you have finished all the practice the day right after the lesson, you still have to wait for 5 to 6 days until the next lesson comes and learn new techniques.

Online guitar learning programs make the way to learn guitar easy. They allow you to learn guitar whenever and wherever you like, as long as you have a computer and a guitar. You could learn throughout an entire day or even a week. You could choose whatever topic to learn as you want. You are in control of everything.


The traditional ones may cost you a large number of money. To find a high-quality teacher, you at least have to pay about $300 monthly for a weekly 2-hour lesson.

Online guitar lessons normally cost you anywhere from $30 to $150. By investing the amount that you have to pay for a session of traditional guitar lessons, you can get a detailed guitar course online immediately.

Misunderstanding of Online Guitar Lessons

Easy Guitar LessonsBefore you really start learning with the online material, you need to have the right mindset.

The misunderstanding is that you will only learn alone with online guitar lessons. It is not completely right. Although you will not be able to interact with the tutor when watching the videos, some online guitar products will offer you a membership forum to ask questions and give feedback.

For example, Learn & Master Guitar will provide you a Student Support and Community website to interact with the professional guitarists and other members.

You can ask questions or share your music with more than 1,000 guitar learners. You will always get encouragement from them so you should not feel lonely. There are actually many people staying with you. It provides you an easy guitar learning experience.

And it is also the reason why online guitar lessons are the easy ways to learn guitar because you will always get the answers within 24 hours. You do not have to wait for the next lesson.

For more information about that guitar lesson online, please visit

Learn & Master Guitar

Top Tips for Learning Guitar Online

Online guitar lessons are definitely the easiest way to learn guitar. You may pay attention to the following tips to speed up your learning.

You have to be patient if you face difficulties. It is just a normal case. Everything must be difficult at the beginning. As most online guitar courses are professionally structured, the only thing you have to do is to learn step-by-step.

Your chosen online guitar course would give you clear and easy-to-follow instructions to learn from reading tabs, forming chords, fingering to any advanced techniques.

Learn and Master Guitar, an award-winning online guitar product, even offers you Jam Tracks to play songs with a live band. It is the most ideal way to have fun with learning guitar.

As long as you practice regularly, you will find yourself improving as time goes on and finally realize learning guitar is just an easy task.

The ONLY Downside of Online Guitar Lessons

It is all about you. You have to be self-disciplined and motivated as there is no teacher monitoring you. You have to make sure that you finish all the assignments and stick to your own schedule to practice the skills. Although this kind of learning method is regarded as easy guitar lessons, you will only find the value of online guitar lessons if you are self-disciplined.

I hope you now agree with me that it is easy to learn guitar if it is done online. Take action and join one of the online guitar lessons right now. It is pointless to wait. The sooner you start, the faster will you become a great guitarist.

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